What is TacoBot

TacoBot is a stackable coding robot designed for children aged 4 and up. Different functioning Tacobot is ready to play right after stacking. He teaches kids to code with screen-free coding and drag-and-drop coding that's perfect for promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills, help kids learn early STEM skills while playing and having fun.



Stackable structure for multiple functions

Through the built-in sensor in each hat, TacoBot can sense different kinds of stimulations and turns itself into different functioning robots. Children could have lots of interesting interactions with TacoBot.


Screen-free Coding and Drag-and-drop Coding

TacoBot have two coding modes:screen-free coding(through the buttons) and drag-and-drop coding(through the app). It provides a perfect starting for the kids to learn coding.


Advanced Contents - Companionship

For kids aged 4 to 8, TacoBot can be controlled by direct touch or APP and the different game modes. The younger kids can have a direct interaction with Taco while the elder kids may learn more advanced contents by APP.

TacoBot’s Interesting Body and Extensions

In order to meet the creative needs of children, TacoBot has abundant expansion possibilities. Children can replace TacoBot's body parts, add plug-in devices to TacoBot, and even assemble Lego to give TacoBot different capabilities and discover more gameplay.


Various Sensor Combinations

TacoBot has some different hats, corresponding to sound sensors, ultrasonic sensors and light sensors, which allow TacoBot to detect the corresponding signals and bring a variety of interactive fun.


Body Extension

TacoBot can currently be equipped with three types of extension: forklift, plate, and catapult. Combined with different hats, TacoBot can be transformed into a little naughty robot or a little intimate helper.


Compatible with LEGO's Body

TacoBot's body is compatible with Lego! Children can match Lego to make TacoBot a full-featured look. It means every child can have a unique TacoBot by they own!

TacoBot's Power

Through different combinations, equipment, programming hat and graphical programming, children can easily give TacoBot the ability to perform different tasks.


Combining Different Sensors to Bring Different Exploration Capabilities to Auto TacoBot

Line Patrol Robot
Line Patrol Robot

TacoBot's feet have built-in line patrol sensors. Draw a line, and TacoBot will walk along the line; draw a circle, and TacoBot will then walk along the edge of the circle

Obstacle Avoidance Robot
Obstacle Avoidance Robot

Wearing a hat with ultrasonic sensor, TacoBot has the ability to automatically detect and avoid obstacles, and it also allows TacoBot to become a follower robot

Voice-activated Robot
Voice-activated Robot

Wearing a hat with a sound sensor, kids can control TacoBot's speed by they sounds.

Catapult (Catapult + Sensor)

The remote controller controls the route and aim of TacoBot and uses a password to make TacoBot launch

Digger (Shovel + Sensor)

During advancing, the sensor detects obstacles in front of it and automatically shovels it, letting the children collect their own blocks

Waiter (Plate)

Let TacoBot offers Mom a glass of water


Combine remote controls and equipment to allow TacoBot to travel more interactively


Through the programming hat and graphical programming APP, TacoBot can easily program feedback on all external stimuli and unlock more possibilities for TacoBot.

Exploration Robot
Exploration Robot

Through button programming and graphical programming, TacoBot can easily handle any obstacles and maze

Dancer Robot
Dancer Robot

Graphical programming allows Children to edit TacoBot's movements and add music to allow TacoBotto freely dance.

Story Robot
Story Robot

Graphical programming can be used to combine TacoBot's actions and stories to make TacoBot a lively story machine.

TacoBot's Story

Why Design TacoBot?

TacoBot is designed by Qingfeng, Helen and RoboSpace Team. We are a group of makers, designers, and engineers. At the same time, we are also the weekend maker teachers of children in community schools.

In the process of getting along with children, we find that preschoolers have shown a deep passion for technology and creativity, but with weak hands-on ability, so they encounter many difficulties when learning with existing blocks. We hope that there is a product that allows children to interact more with the product on the premise of freely combining product functions, so children can better learn knowledge and experience the fun brought by technology. This is the original intention of Taco’s creation.

Designer says